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Services at your

VXV doorstep

Services at your
VXV doorstep

Paper Crane

Ground Floor, Bayleys House

Smile Supermarket & Lotto

Ground Floor, 22 Viaduct Harbour Avenue

09 358 4718

&Co - Cooperative Kitchen

Ground Floor, Fonterra Centre

VXV Precinct Amenity Map 0118 1142x774

VXV on-site ammenities

The plazas and lanes are core to linking the businesses. Providing the people at VXV with a variety of cafes and services. Where the heart of VXV comes to life – connecting the interiors of business to the outside, where attractive natural timber and seating meets relaxing green spaces. Neighbouring other great spaces – Viaduct Harbour, Victoria Park and Wynyard Quarter. Dynamic and contemporary spaces that can be used for impromptu meetings, events or simply to get some headspace.